DJ Duce's Biography

DJ Duce's Biography

Channing "DJ Duce" Hoskin

Born in York, Pennsylvania, United States of America, Channing Hoskin (known as DJ Duce) is recognized for his musical talent as an American disc jockey, executive producer, radio host and motivational public figure.
In Winter of 2010, Duce sparked his music career by accepting an offer to co-host a radio show on 99.7 FM WVYC (York College of Pennsylvania) in York P.A.
In 2013, Duce launched his own online radio station formerly known as Mad House Radio birthing "The Turn Up Mix" a radio mixshow airing hip-hop and r&b music.
In 2014, DJ Duce started mixing and releasing mixtapes online. In 2014 alone, Duce managed to drop 17 projects, signifying an early mark in the mixtape game.

Duce has been nominated for multiple awards locally and globally. In 2015 and 2016, Duce was ranked "Top 100 Mixtape DJs In The World" by the formal All Star Mixtape Awards.

In early 2015, Duce launched his own entertainment brand and platform "DJDuceMixtapes©".

Duce has spent years mastering his musical craft by spending countless hours practicing mixing music both on turntables and in the studio. Duce is now a well known recognized mixtape DJ in the world releasing over 100 projects/mixtapes!

In early 2019, Duce launches a podcast "The Qi Podcast" with Keith "DJ 10 Power" Mitchell.

Duce celebrated on New Years Eve 2019 after breaking over 7,000,000 plus mixtape streams worldwide. He is expected to break over 10,000,000 streams by the end of 2020.

Duce continues to release music, dj, executive produce, podcast and more while trying to maintain a residency in York, Pennsylvania.