5 Tips For Graphic Designers

By: DJ Duce

Over the years, I received countless messages and emails, all from graphic designers soliciting me services. Often these messages would contain a few photos (mixtape, single or album covers) and prices on how much it would cost for their services. I read the messages In my inboxes and would move on with my day. I am not saying all the messages were pointless, nor do i discourage anyone trying from to reach out and do business. This article digs in to my experiences, opinions and views on graphic designers.

Tip: 1 (Have a website)

I noticed a few regularities, about 95% of the graphic designers did not have a website. A lot would showcase their artwork primarily on Instagram. When I asked if they had a website, they would point me to their Instagram profile to view their artwork. Having a website is an essential key in business. Not only are in full control of how your website is laid out, you can also can accept payments directly from customers. Many graphic designers want customers that are interested in services to pay via a 3rd party service like PayPal or CashApp. It is much more convenient and professional to be able to shop and purchase all at one location.

Tip: 2 (Be Creative)

Many graphic designers rush and try to sell you pre made graphics at a discounted price. The pre made graphics are single covers mostly, some displayed and advertised. Not saying pre made graphic are bad, but usually a professional approach is designing a custom design straight out the box. The graphic designer I worked with has never sold me pre made graphics in our 6 year business relationship.

Tip: 3 (Have a resume)

Graphic designers start out offering services and charge a low rate. Why? Because they are unknown and do not have a resume. It is no secret, a graphic designer that has worked with big industry professionals (mainly in music) charge a lot more. Well known graphic designers can get anywhere from $100 - $1000 per graphic design. Yes, you heard right a $1000 for a album or single cover? I know this graphic designer (will not mention the identity of the person). He has been a graphic designer for decades. Designing graphics for some of the biggest names in hip-hop music. Obviously you have to start from the bottom and work your way to the top. Build your contacts and don’t be afraid to reach out directly and professionally.

Tip: 4 (Advertise)

You have to invest in yourself. One of the keys is advertising. Social media and online outlets including Facebook, Google, Instagram, Twitter and others offer countless ways to promote your services. You can run ads for your services and even map out your demographics to reach the right people. Graphic design is not limited to online only. Some people have started graphic design company’s locally designing flyers, apparel, magnets, business cards and much more. Many of these companies would send out mailers (mail advertisement) advertising their business and services. Even advertising physically is an investment. The competition is only growing, online and in your own backyard. Explore ways to grow your business with advertisements. Grow your email contact list. Email blasting is another essential way to promote your services as a graphic designer.

Tip: 5 (Offer promotions and freebies)

Why would you give your services away for free you maybe be wondering? Exactly this approach can benefit you in multiple ways. Offering a freebie or free design will not only make you engage with more people (who turns down a free design?) but it will help spread the word about your business/services. Word of mouth is powerful. Don’t be afraid to spread the love and offer something free. Good karma! The graphic designer I work with offers me discounted services. Over the years he has also offered me discounts for being a loyal customer. Discounts go along way, not only by rewarding your loyal customers but also attracting new customers with discounts as well.

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(Article archived from DJDuce.Com originally posted 11/28/2020)

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