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Vuulm's (Vuulm.Com) mission is to create a platform that showcases music, artistry, visuals, culture, and brands. With a lot of music platforms on the scene, we outline what separates Vuulm from the rest of the online music platform competition in this exclusive interview!

Q: Take me to the beginning, what is Vuulm, when was it founded, what is the mission of your platform?

A: When we started 3 years ago, we were trying to create a platform for mixtape lovers and enthusiasts. Our goal is to become a brand and platform for artists, listeners, and creators to discover music. Our small team is made up of techies: engineers, designers, and video directors. We focus so much on the importance of design and ensuring our platform is stable. It’s also important for us to ensure we’re giving the end user the best experience to discover new music as we evolve our platform.

Q: I'm a new artist looking for a platform to upload my project on, tell me why I should choose Vuulm?

A: We encourage all artists to use every tool available to distribute their music and get heard. That’s key for a new artist. Vuulm was created to help artists start that journey, and we believe that a new artist should have access and a platform to get their music out there and share. Today, artists can create their own profile for free on Vuulm. They have the option to add videos and purchase links to their album or singles. Also, artists can learn more about their listeners and how their music is performing on Vuulm through our reporting analytics tools.

Q: Streaming music is tough in today’s music game because of all the hoops you have to jump through with licensing, Royalties etc... Did you find it easy to get everything in order or where there challenges?

A: Building a digital business and platform in the music industry is tough. Everything is constantly changing including compliance, streaming, licensing, etc. It’s really hard to keep track of everything especially when we’re a small team. Because we license music, we have a very limited selection of new releases. We’re looking into ways to collaborate with more distributors and artists. However, we hope through this journey we can find ways to improve this process for artists and our platform.

Q: There is a lot of competition in streaming, what are your plans to stand out in a crowded industry?

A: Music distribution has a lot of players and they are all important to the success of an artist career. However, there is still a gap for independent artists to showcase their music and build their platform. What we learned through trial and error at Vuulm is that although we have an app to showcase music, we are on the road to build Vuulm as a brand that invites creators and listeners to discover music together. We’ve already begun creating content exclusively for independent artists like our “In The Booth Series”, “VX Interview”, “Vuulm Voices” and so much more. These are great incentives and content for a rising artist that is part of our platform. It’s also exciting to see because we have the opportunity to work with content creators as well and give them full creative direction.

Q: What perks or opportunities do you provide artists on your platform?

A: We have two audiences that we cater to: listeners and creators/artists. Listeners can listen to unlimited music and create playlists from independent artists on our platform for free. Also, creators and artists are able to upload their music to our platform for free. A verified artist profile will have access to reporting and insights tools to learn more about their audience on Vuulm.

Q: I recently saw you guys started a series on your platform called “VX series”. Tell me what's behind the idea and what’s the goal of the series?

A: Our first original series was Vuulm Exclusives (VX) which consisted of interviews and performances from independent artists. When we first launched it was an opportunity for Vuulm to visit festivals, and give independent artists a space to discuss their music and career. It's been very successful and artists find this as a huge advantage and ability to connect with their fans. Since then, we’re launched many more series, “In The Booth '' which captures in-studio performances from the artists creative process, and much more. Vuulm also has exclusive music and videos from artists who want to directly release on our platform.

Q: Please let everyone know where they can find you all your social media links etc…

A: Follow us on all social media @vuulm. Make sure you subscribe to us on Youtube for the latest interviews from indie artists.

(Article archived from DJDuce.Com originally posted 11/28/2020)

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